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This training was really nice and interesting throughout the day and not boring like other trainings. Keep up with this level. MAS-Linea Intimo - Personal Branding on 16 July 2012   The course was extremely beneficial to all of us in many ways. We hope to put all that we have learned into practice at work. Tradecard-Managing People for Win Win Results on June 2012   Everything was perfect and fabulous. Just what I needed for my work. Traders Hotel - Professional Telephone Etiquette on 8 & 9 May 2012   It was a fruitful learning experience for me. DSO-EPS April 2012   The trainer was fantastic! The way she communicated the concepts made it easy to understand; a great coach, who gives good feedback and uses a lot of case studies. Harrison Assessment was interesting. I discovered new things about myself! GfK Asia Pte Ltd - Managing People for Win-Win Results Module 2 on 2 - 4 Apr 2012   Excellent trainer; great engagement; valuable pointers. MIS-Effective Presentation Skills on 8 - 9 Mar 2012   The trainer was very energetic, simple and easy to understand. She was well-groomed, knowledgeable and friendly. One & Only Reethi Rah on March 2012   I love the feedback we receive after we do the presentation. It motivates us to be better and improve our mistakes. Pond's TTT-Heart Training on January 2012   The reinteration of the key message is very appropriate. It is very well structured. More importantly, I managed to learn something from it. Bank of Singapore (BOS)– Presentation Skills on July 2012   I appreciated the emphasis on being a lady as well as the reminders on the effect of posture in the long run and most importantly on how to bring yourself a level higher. SilkAir-PI 10 & 11 April 2012   The teaching was interesting and fun. It also broadened my knowledge on the art of professional presence. DSO-EPS April 2012   The presenter was engaging, confident & friendly. The Programme was useful & enabled us to learn tips on grooming. Marina Mandarin Hotel-PI May 2011   The course was conducted in an interesting and effective way so that everyone was able to see where they needed to improve. Boradway industrial Group Ltd –Persuasive Presentation   The course was timely and appropriate. The content on communication, emotional intelligence and performance appraisal was of paramount importance to take the management team to the next level. MIS (GfK) - Managing People for Win Win Results on September 2012   I love how the interest of the participants was retained. Hats off to the trainer! It was an eye opener! MIS (GfK) - Managing People for Win Win Results on 22, 25 &26 June 2012   Very useful not only for my career but also my daily life. SilkAir – PI on 23 & 24 July 2012   The trainer was able to keep our interest as a priority and her classes were never dull. I also liked it because she always plays music to keep all of us awake. SilkAir-PI 23 & 24 July 2012  
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