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About Us

Stafford & Chan Training Pte Ltd was established in 1994 by:

Sharlyn Stafford Kate Chan

Stafford & Chan was established in 1994 in Singapore by Sharlyn Stafford and Kate Chan. Over the 20 years, we have acquired the best world-class practices in leadership, service and communication. Our boutique style approach and our international team give our clients the agility and flexibility required to navigate in a diverse global environment. This broad multi-cultural, multi-profile and multi-country exposure has enabled us to integrate our unique experience into our programs to optimize quality, depth and application.


Elevating Professionalism


Provide impactful and sustainable solutions at every level
Serve as a catalyst to transfer knowledge, stimulate thinking and change behaviours
Practise ourselves the high standards that we promote to our clients
Deliver a measurable professional service level
Be committed in developing people as we believe that our client’s success is our success
Be driven by our values of being moral, ethical and discreet


Excellence To be the best we can be
Innovation Changing what exists into something better
Respect Treat others the way you wish to be treated
Integrity Uphold honesty and fair play, speak truthfully, be yourself
Happiness Fulfil and uplift the spirit
Teamwork Support each other’s work



Stafford and Chan offers continually-evolving workshops. The up-to-date information and interactive hands-on methods in our workshops impact behaviours in leadership, service experience and communication.

Talent Development

Stafford and Chan uses Harrison Assessment for Talent Management Solutions – a validated instrument with over 20 years of research. A great tool for recruitment automation, Employee Development, and Team Development and Succession Planning.


At S&C we use the GROW model, Harrison’s paradox report and our own coaching conversation process to be a catalyst for change and to lift the coachee out of his/her comfort zone so that she/he grows and develops and grows and achieves his/her personal goals. 


A Comprehensive Approach
A Diversified Portfolio of Expertise
A Cross-Cultural Facilitation Team
A Regional Presence
A Strong Track Record

Our Clients’ Word