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Body Language & Deportment

"Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body." - Irene Claremont de Castillejo


Your body language helps to determine your overall image. For example, the uniform, although nicely ironed and well tailored, will not reflect positively if the person wearing it has slouched shoulders and is leaning lazily on one leg, as opposed to being in an upright position. Participants will learn how to project a positive body image.

Workshop Content

  • Confident Posture
  • Walking with purpose
  • Standing tall
  • Bending down and up gracefully while serving
  • Warm Facial Expressions
  • Smiling sincerely
  • Eye contact which says, "I care"
  • Positive and Open Gestures
  • Personal Space
  • Different proximity zones for different occasions and culture
  • Neutral touching zones


  • 1 day workshop

Learning Outcomess

  • Raise awareness among all personnel to project a professional image of world class standards and beyond
  • Establish and create a consistent professional image
  • Increase self awareness and build self confidence

Our Clients’ Word

  • The trainer makes EVERYONE go through the Opening & Closing script and make sure they learn from it and most of the reps/ sups are not embarrassed or shy about it. Singapore Press Holdings - Creating the 5 Star Customer Experience on 28th June 2013
  • It had lots of practical attempts to cover the course. Olam - Power of Influence on 25th July 2013
  • Enjoyed the activity, enjoyed the course and learned about the bonding for team building. Olam - Managing Work Relationships Effectively on 30th July 2013
  • Very interactive, applicable to everyday life skills that can be acquired by practice and ways to help. UBS - Personal Branding and The Art of Communication on 11st July 2013
  • Presenter was interesting & very knowledgeable. Prudential - Lunch Talk : Boardroom Etiquette on 14th August 2013
  • The role plays were engaging and interesting. Capitaland - Service Excellence on 30th September 2013
  • The tip about networking was very useful. The choices of clothes and colors combination were very interesting. SGX - Professional Presence on 1st & 2nd October 2013
  • Happy atmosphere, interesting game, email writing, nature analyze. GTNexus - Delighting Your Customers on 19th October 2013
  • The color imaging and image perception are very useful and appropriate as frontline staff are the first impression clients get. Fullerton Hotel – Professional Image 16th October 2013
  • Very interactive and practical! AON - Persuasive Presentation Skills on 24th October 2013