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Language Excellence

"Language is a wonderful thing. It can be used to express thoughts, to conceal thoughts, but more often, to replace thinking" - Kelly Fordyce


The programme aims to introduce participants to the techniques of articulating words and ideas in English

Workshop Content

  • English- Make it Work for You
  • Learn from Successful people
  • Articulate with Precise Choice of Words
  • Deliver Communication Functions
  • Build Vocabulary & Correct Grammar
  • Pronounce & Enunciate Clearly
  • Effective Letter Writing
  • Self-Improvement Techniques
  • Debate & Reading
  • Practice how to Paraphrase & Summarize


  • 2 day or 3 day workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Equip with the essential tools to use English that meets up-to-date international standards
  • Strengthened language base through practical examples built for the corporate environment
  • Upgrade language aspects such as:
    • - Vocabulary
    • - Pronunciation
    • - Grammar
    • - Structure

Our Clients’ Word

  • The trainer makes EVERYONE go through the Opening & Closing script and make sure they learn from it and most of the reps/ sups are not embarrassed or shy about it. Singapore Press Holdings - Creating the 5 Star Customer Experience on 28th June 2013
  • It had lots of practical attempts to cover the course. Olam - Power of Influence on 25th July 2013
  • Enjoyed the activity, enjoyed the course and learned about the bonding for team building. Olam - Managing Work Relationships Effectively on 30th July 2013
  • Very interactive, applicable to everyday life skills that can be acquired by practice and ways to help. UBS - Personal Branding and The Art of Communication on 11st July 2013
  • Presenter was interesting & very knowledgeable. Prudential - Lunch Talk : Boardroom Etiquette on 14th August 2013
  • The role plays were engaging and interesting. Capitaland - Service Excellence on 30th September 2013
  • The tip about networking was very useful. The choices of clothes and colors combination were very interesting. SGX - Professional Presence on 1st & 2nd October 2013
  • Happy atmosphere, interesting game, email writing, nature analyze. GTNexus - Delighting Your Customers on 19th October 2013
  • The color imaging and image perception are very useful and appropriate as frontline staff are the first impression clients get. Fullerton Hotel – Professional Image 16th October 2013
  • Very interactive and practical! AON - Persuasive Presentation Skills on 24th October 2013