Communicate with Impact & Influence

“The business off business is relationships: the business of life is human connection."



Project your confidence and seize success with communication that sways the odds in your favour. This workshop will teach you how to incorporate research and proven practical techniques to give a leading edge to your communications.


Workshop Contents

  • Personal Presence and Impact
  • 5 Credibility Dimensions
  • Identify the high and low impact areas
  • Creating Verbal Impact
  • Creating Vocal Impact
  • Creating Visual Impact
  • State Management
  • Performing at 10-10


1-day or 2-day workshop


Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance work-life satisfaction and thus increase creativity, productivity and morale
  • Make a positive first impression every time
  • Establish relationships and connect early with people
  • Manage stress and negative states better
  • Project authority and personal presence without being ‘pushy’
  • Be more aware of the effect one’s behaviour has on others and adapt in the moment
  • Avoid sending unintentional messages
  • Build co-operation and trust early
  • Learn new techniques for influencing and persuading others

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