Communication Across Generations

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it." ~ George Orwell



This interactive session enables participants to define the mindset and motivations of different age groups to achieve communication excellence and embrace diversity and change.


Workshop Contents

  • Understanding the Generations
  • Motivations and Aversions
  • Business model for Workplace Success
  • Key to the Company’s Future (Part 1) – Mentoring the Baby Boomer Mentors
  • Key to the Company’s Future (Part 2) – Coaching the Gen X Coach
  • Key to the Company’s Future (Part 3) – Going with the Gen Y Go-getters
  • Case Studies


1-day or 2-day workshop


Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the mindset and motivations of different age groups, to achieve communication excellence
  • Work effectively and productively in a multi-generational context
  • Adopt skills, techniques, attitudes and behaviors to provide an atmosphere of trust, respect and support between colleagues and clients of all ages
  • Ensure long term continuity of company-specific knowledge and skills by mentoring and coaching the juniors
  • Enhance work-life satisfaction and thus increase creativity, morale and reduce turnover
  • Adopt the appropriate styles and format of giving and receiving feedback

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