Leader as Coach & Mentor

Leaders empower individuals by building trust and coaching competence in their job roles and networking skills.” – Kenneth H Blanchard, Collaboration Begins with You


Today’s rapidly changing environment, retaining talent and being business ready requires managers to invest in deepening their development and of others.  As a leader, you will want a sufficiently motivated workforce.  Therefore, the workshop will focus not only on developing the skills, knowledge and, behaviours needed to be a highly capable coach, but also the necessary mindset and attitude to create the environment where others can self-motivate and achieve.

The workshops will develop skills to build trust, ask compelling questions, listen to understand and encourage exploration with specific goal setting and measuring.

Workshop Content

  • Coaching Mindset
  • Feedback Day to Day
  • Understanding Behaviour & Styles
  • The Coaching and Mentoring Conversation + Practice
  • Mentoring the Progress


  • 2 – day workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the coaching mindset.
  • Identify the communication skills required to coach and mentor effectively.
  • Practice the Coaching and Mentoring conversation model.
  • Apply powerful questions and active listening during the dialogue.
  • Use the Coaching Conversation model effectively to increase communication, motivation & performance amongst team members.
  • Support the development of the individual by continuously, assessing the progress, and celebrate the wins, and keep working on the gaps.


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