Harrison Assessments – Paradox Theory

Harrison Assessments (HA) was founded by Dan Harrison 22 years ago with a single vision and purpose – to help companies optimize their human capital by leveraging their deep understanding of human resource and psychology.


It is the most trusted and accurate employee assessment tool in the industry.

Workshop Content:

With an 85 – 90% accuracy (compared to most other assessment tests that produce 55% accuracy, HA has the ability to predict behavior and job success by integrating six key behavioral assessment which are:

  • Values Inventory
  • Interest Inventory
  • Task Preference
  • Personal Honesty Assessment
  • Work Environment Preferences
  • Personality/Motivation Assessment

Learning Outcomes:

  • The HA can be used for the following Business Applications:
  • Recruitment – screening and employee selection
  • Career Development
  • Professional Development


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