Report and Proposal Writing

“What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure” – Samuel Johnson


The programme aims to transmit the following techniques:

  • Systematic Organization of content
  • Developing a reader-friendly style
  • Correct language usage
  • Following a proposal / report Format

Workshop Content

  • Persuasion in the Writing Process
  • Basic Report Writing
  • Partners of Organization
  • Proposal / Report Format
  • Critique of Reports
  • Clarity & Conciseness
  • Common Pitfalls in Grammar
  • Summary of Texts
  • Be Concrete with Abstraction
  • Summary of Graphic Aids
  • Report Writing (Practice)
  • Feedback on Report Writing


  • A 2 day workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Planning with a mind map
  • Being persuasive with presentation structure
  • Using audience-focused templates
  • Adding value with analysis
  • Editing language and content


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