Telephone Etiquette for Call Centers

“The telephone is the life-line of any business. Often, the first contact a customer has with a business is through the telephone”


To improve telephone skills at a call centre. Telephone skills are very important for a successful career in customer service and sales. This is especially true in a call centre environment. Call centers can be high pressure, fast-paced environments where you may have to deal with hundreds of people in one day. That is why it is so important to fine tune your communication skills.

Workshop Content

  • Projecting a Professional Image on the Telephone
  • Service Focused Language
  • Improve Voice Quality
  • Opening the call with a smile:
  • Putting the customer at ease:
  • Understanding the customer’s needs:
  • Offering an appropriate solution
  • Closing the call
  • Simulation of Call Flow Practice
  • Handling Difficult and Angry Callers


  • 2 day workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Handle extremely difficult situations like:
    • Escalated Calls
    • Calls by the Collections Team
    • Calls from Countries with Different Cultural Background
    • Difficult callers
  • Increase customer loyalty by applying customer delight elements


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