Telephone Techniques

“The telephone is the life-line of any business. Often, the first contact a customer has with a business is through the telephone”


To raise the level of telephone techniques & establish a consistent procedure of handling the telephone in order to provide a service focused telephone culture.

Workshop Content

  • Corporate Image
  • How you rate
  • Telephone Role-Play
  • Parts of a Telephone Call
  • Telephone Role-Play Review
  • Handling Difficult Callers
  • Managing Callers at Difficult Times
  • Telephone Courtesy & Handy Hints


  • 1 day or 2 day workshop


  • Representing your company professionally
  • Managing time with customers while, not compromising on service
  • Mastering articulation skills in order to cater to an international audience
  • Handling difficult callers with confidence and diplomacy
  • Increasing customer loyalty by applying customer delight elements


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