Influencing Without Authority

“Influencing & advising is not a high-pressured activity."



Effective communication is the key to career success. Increase awareness by assessing influencing factors of all involved stakeholders, align personal roles with the interest of stakeholders, demonstrate an increased range of effective influencing skills to increase cooperation, balance between task and relationship needs of a team, engaging in strategic thinking as well as empathy. This workshop will also help participants demonstrate skills of transparency, active listening, curiosity, and reflection.


Workshop Contents

  • Beliefs and Values
  • Physical Communication Indicators
  • Business Personality Profiling
  • Relationship Building, Trust & Credibility
  • Listening and Probing for Nuances
  • Persuasive Language
  • Handling Likely Outcomes
  • Gaining Commitments


2-day workshop


Learning Outcomes

  • Go beyond the process driven selling techniques into the realm of relationship value driven selling
  • Understand why and how, people make buying decisions in an increasingly competitive environment
  • Be able to plan and advise and at the same time, influence by minimising negative tension

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