Leading with Questions

Once you stop learning, you start dying." ~ Albert Einstein



Effective leaders lead others to stretch themselves to accomplish goals, solve problems and grow and that one of the best ways to manage and lead is through asking questions and listening with intention. More often than not, a good question asked at the right time is a highly effective tool for driving insight towards action.


This course aims to enable managers to gain further skills and techniques to probe the thought process of themselves and their staff/team, to open the doors to dialogue, discovery and new possibilities in different situations, and in turn empowering themselves as leaders and their staff/team to achieve greater performance.


Workshop Contents

  • Leading with Questions Dialogue
  • Asking Powerful Questions
  • Different Questions for Different Situations
  • Trust-Building Communication


1-day workshop


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the nature and power of questions
  • Learn how to ask good questions to encourage participation, teamwork and collaboration, promote innovation and effective problem solving, enable staff development, manage change and resolve conflicts etc
  • Learn and apply the different questioning techniques
  • Learn strategies to build a questioning and inquiring culture
  • By using effective questioning techniques and listening to understand, build an effective and safe dialogue

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