Persuasive Presentation

“Let thy speech be better than silence – or be silent." ~ Dionysius the Elder


Command the attention of your audience and take them on an unforgettable journey. This workshop will equip you with the techniques of making an influential, convincing and successful presentation. Participants will discover how to use storytelling structures to prepare content, integrate audience input, practise the concept ‘less is more’, and inspire the audience with sensory communication skills.

Workshop Contents

  • Presentation Benchmark
  • Presentation Styles
  • Audience Adaptation
  • Developing Content
  • Persuasive Delivery Presentation
  • Feedback & Coaching
  • Handling Questions
  • Presentation DVD Role Plays


2-day or 3-day workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Present information in an interesting and three-dimensional way
  • Inspire and convince the audience to take action
  • Know how to use the voice to entertain and project energy
  • Deal with questions that are difficult to handle
  • Call for action and close the presentation

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