Personal Imaging for Women

Personal Imaging for Women


ISBN: 981-04-9752-0
Paperback Edition (211 pages)


Sharlyn Stafford, an expert in Professional Image and Communication, has authored a book to share with all women her 15 years of experience and philosophy. Imaging for Women, Colour, Style and Make-Up contains easy-to-follow tips and graphics to show you how to look and feel your best in any setting. It is a book on all-time elegance.

  • What impact can women make through positive imaging to influence people and succeed in today’s competitive environment?
  • How to colour coordinate a business outfit or an evening wear?
  • What is the right clothing styles to suit your body shape – tall, petite, full figure?
  • How to match hair and accessories to suit your face shape – round, oval, heart, long or square?

Section One – The Right Image                                                                                                                   

  1. You and Your Image
  2. Image Perception
  3. Dressing to Influence
  4. Dressing for your Image

Section Two – Colour, Style and Make-up                                                                                         

  1. Colour Imaging
  2. Style Imaging
  3. Accessories
  4. Hair Styles
  5. Skincare
  6. Make-up

Section Three – The Total Look  

  1. Wardrobe Inventory
  2. Your Image of Success

You will find stimulating answers to all your to-look-good questions in this book.

To be confident from within demands more than just looking good. It comes from knowing yourself, being committed to what you do and being fit and healthy. This stems from discipline, self-confidence and a positive self-image. With these in hand, why not project it through how you look so that others recognise it instantly in the image they see which result in positive feelings and relationships?

This book for women is now available in major bookstores in Singapore. Enjoy reading it, look fabulous, and feel great!

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