Stakeholder Management

“Insanity : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." ~ Albert Einstein


Stakeholder management is a process of recognising the key players within a project or activity and then focusing on how to achieve that best possible outcomes by managing their input, expectations, and skills.

Workshop Contents

  • Identify and Prioritise Your Stakeholder
  • Understanding Stakeholder Behaviour and Decision Styles
  • Identifying Stakeholder Needs
  • Secure Stakeholder Agreement
  • Ongoing Stakeholder Management


1-day workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your stakeholders and how they fit into your project
  • Select the key influencers to ensure the project is well managed from the start
  • Identify theirs and your behaviour style to build a strong working relationship
  • Choose to effectively tailor communication to the right people to guarantee a smoother flow of information and quicker decision making
  • Produce a strategy and a personal action plan for stakeholder management

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