Talent Development

Talent Development

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”- Steve Jobs

Stafford & Chan is proud to be an authorised reseller of Harrison Assessments.

At Stafford & Chan, we help organizations like yours to match a job fit with performance. Discover the hidden strengths, unused potential and inspire performance of your most precious commodity – people. Successful employee recruitment, employee assessment, engagement, succession and employee performance management all depend on understanding talent. As accredited employee assessment specialists we can help find the key to manage your talent.


Talent Development

  • About Harrison Assessments
      Harrison Assessments (HA) is leading the Talent Management and Online Assessment industry with cutting edge technologies used by global companies worldwide for practical assistance with recruitment, talent development and career development. Harrison Assessments is more than just a standard psychometric tool because it assesses all factors relating to job success. In doing so, it focuses on job eligibility factors (qualifications, experience etc) as well as job suitability factors (interests, work preferences etc), thus emphasising on the relationship between job satisfaction and job success. The focus on behaviour competencies and job suitability factors enables employers to hire, retain and develop top performance as well as generate greater work satisfaction. It has been found that employees who enjoy 75% or more of their daily activities are 3 times more likely to succeed and stay longer than employees who do not. Thus, it is a complete job suitability assessment that measures interests, work values, task preferences, motivations, attitudes and other issues related to work satisfaction. It was developed from the ground up to predict job success and thus focuses on mission critical abilities and core competencies such as communications, decision making, creativity, interpersonal skills, leadership and much more. Dan Harrison Dan Harrison, Ph.D., is the developer and CEO of Harrison Assessments' and originator of ParadoxTechnology™ as used in Harrison Assessments. His diverse background and over 30 years of experience in Mathematics, Personality Theory, Counselling Psychology, Human Potential Psychology, and Organizational Psychology has enabled him to make a unique and exceptional contribution to assessment methodology. In 1990 he founded Harrison Assessments with a vision of helping companies optimize their human capital by enhancing their deep understanding of human resources and psychology. Dr Harrisons' ongoing world-wide travel gives him direct involvement with the needs of Harrison Assessments' clients and exposes him to the appropriate practical application in a wide variety of cultures.   Grounding Theories Based on 20 years of performance research, there are two underlying theories that are integrated in the Harrison Assessment methodology:
    • Enjoyment Performance Theory – based on the fundamental aspects of behavioural theory, Enjoyment-Performance Theory states that an individual will perform more effectively in a job if that individual enjoys the types of tasks that are required by that job, has interests that relate to the position, and the work environment conditions corresponds with that individual’s work environment preferences. In summary, job satisfaction is a significant indicator of a higher level of performance and job success.
    • Paradox Theory – incorporates the idea that an individual can possess and demonstrate seemingly contradictory traits simultaneously and by understanding the relationship between two opposing traits, the potential for stress responses can be measured. Besides offering individuals an insight into aspects of themselves of which they may be only partially aware, it provides a guideline for balancing and developing oneself.
  • What’s on Offer?
    • Enjoyment Performance Methodology – Helps determine how satisfied an employee is within his or her current role by revealing which responsibilities provide the greatest personal motivation and job satisfaction. This information provides valuable insight into how job functions can be re-engineered to better suit the individuals and how to create effective succession planning.
    • Job Success Formula - By selecting the appropriate Job Success Formula you can receive a complete analysis of an employee's strengths and weaknesses in relationship to job performance. It also generates an employee development plan that guides the employee to develop the behaviors that will lead to success for a particular job.
    • Smart Questionnaire -. has multiple layers of technological and psychological mechanisms that detect and prevent deception.
    • Paradox technology - provides deep insights into unique strengths, areas for development and stress behaviors for each specific job.
  • Resources
    Quality is the focus of Harrison Assessments Harrison assessments focuses on providing the most accurate and effective assessments in the industry by dedicating a large portion of its resources to research, development and user friendly software engineering. List of report options to choose from Reports for Recruitment The Job Success Analysis The How To Attract and retain The Interview Guide Reports for Development Development for Position
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Harrison Assessments evaluates all the important eligibility (experience, education and skills) and suitability factors (attitudes, motivation, interpersonal skills, work values, work preferences, interests etc) in one integrated assessment that accurately identifies the IDEAL candidate for the advertised job.

How does Harrison Assessments make recruitment easier?

  • pre-configured Job Success Formulas– created for over 6000 job positions that incorporates main requirements for the job. Employers can add on and edit existing formulas and/or create their own according to their company requirements and values.
  • Most suitable and eligible candidates appear in ranked order throughout the recruitment process
  • A single overall result is given
  • Option to compare candidate to multiple jobs
  • Formulates interview questions based on job requirements and the eligibility and suitability of the candidate

and in doing so…..

  • Save up to 80% of recruitment time
  • Minimize recruitment costs
  • Identify ideal candidates almost the moment they apply
  • Predict job performance with up to 95% accuracy

Career Development

The Harrison Assessment Career Guide is a valuable tool for starting, changing or developing individual careers. It measures more than 200 factors including task preferences, motivation, interests, work environment preferences and interpersonal preferences. The system compares these preferences to more than 600 career requirements to determine the most suitable careers for the individual.

The career options report provides a list of careers that are most suitable for an individual. The careers are listed in descending order of suitability, with a score of 80 or above indicating a good career match. However, other external factors such as education, training etc must be considered by the candidate.

The career comparison report compares an individual’s profile to the necessary traits required for success in a particular career.

A Personal Coach works with the individual in developing themselves to reaching their full potential. With the use of Harrison Assessments coupled with personal coaching individuals will gain a valuable insight into themselves and their career objectives.

Professional Development

Harrison Assessments is used worldwide for leadership development, performance coaching and team development. Harrison Assessments enables companies to have a deeper insight into the job specific behaviours that are needed for employees to succeed. Thus, employers and employees can work together to explore individual traits that accelerate high performance and those that may hinder performance.

Our Team Paradox Report helps managers build stronger teams by identifying strengths and weaknesses of the team members in an effort to maximize team efficiencies, targeting areas that will need additional support and establishing clear team values for effective interactions,

Organisational coaching is a three-way agreement between the organisation, the coach and the coachee to assist the coachee to improve their performance or to enhance capabilities so as to meet the organisation’s needs. At S&C we use the GROW model, Harrison’s paradox report and our own coaching conversation process to be a catalyst for change and to help the coachee grow and develop in reaching their personal goals.

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