Lalith Ananda Gunaratne

Senior Trainer & Coach


Lalith Ananda Gunaratne is a passionate advocate of well-being and wellness in organizations. Lalith’s purpose is to help people find their inner-power for resilience to help the mind and body to heal and find peace in order to be grounded in an ever-changing, fast paced uncertain world

He is a trainer and facilitator weaving eastern and western philosophies and aboriginal wisdom into a tapestry of well-being and self-mastery.

Mindfulness is the foundation for all his work as a trainer/facilitator, entrepreneur, business developer and consultant. He has been incorporating mindfulness practices in organizational development, leadership training and coaching for over 15 years in Asia, Africa and North America.

Lalith’s rare ability to combine mindfulness to organizations makes him a rare facilitator. He brings practical experience and a diverse worldview to leadership and organizational development. His professional experience began as a pioneer to establish a solar energy venture in 1986, which Shell Renewables International bought in1999.

In 2002, he established Sage Training in South-Asia facilitating leadership and team building workshops for the private-sector, government, donor agencies and NGOs. He is a trained facilitator for the British Council’s educational and youth leadership programs. He has run programs in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Indonesia, Maldives, Guyana and Canada.

He currently lives between Ottawa, Canada and Sri Lanka. Lalith established Sage Ontario for Mindful Leadership and LGSE Partners Inc. bringing in a holistic way of learning and leading to Canada. His clients range from governments, non-profit organizations, donor agencies to the private sector.

As an entrepreneur, he is a Director of Supan Group and oursun Canada Inc. developing commercial renewable energy projects internationally.

Lalith has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Ontario, Canada, a Masters degree in Responsibility and Business Practice from School of Management of University of Bath UK and Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of the United Kingdom.  He was trained as a facilitator by the British Council in United Kingdom and Certified as a Coach in Canada.


“Rather than the “list of things to do” that we often get at these types of courses, yours is more about the long-term, and as I referred to it “deep-tissue” changes, that we can benefit from inevery single aspect of our lives”.


Carol-Ina Trudel

Canadian Heritage –Government of Canada


“I have taken many courses over the past 40+ years of my career but none has touched so many areas of my life in such profound ways.”


Sika Olivia O’Meara, CBSA Canada


“Lalith’s Power of Balance workshop was excellent! The material challenged our traditional views and learning, and expanded our understanding on what leadership needs to be in the 21stcentury.


I highly recommend this program to those interested in developing leadership potential through self-awareness and emphasizing the values of empathy and authenticity.”


Jennifer Lagarde, CBSA, Canada

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