Vanessa Bibile


Vanessa‘s passion for empowering people to achieve all they can be” stems from her previous work with children and families living in vulnerable circumstances in the UK. She provided her clients with intensive one-to-one support as well as focused group work to counsel, uplift and empower them to develop and succeed. Seeing many of the individuals she worked with grow in confidence and make the necessary changes they had to make for their children gave her the feeling of fulfilment each day. Her work taught her the importance of being a reflective, responsive and respectful practitioner.

Prior to commencing her career in Social Services, Vanessa completed her MSc in Child Development before which she obtained an Honours Degree in Psychology in Scotland, UK. Her educational qualifications not only gave her a valuable insight into human development and behaviour, but have also equipped her with analytical and observational skills necessary for assessing and evaluation.

Returning to Sri Lanka provided Vanessa with the opportunity to transfer the knowledge and skills acquired through international training and exposure to make a difference in her country of origin. Joining Stafford and Chan makes this possible. Been exposed to top quality training programs with Stafford and Chan has helped her develop and grow personally and professionally. She now embarks on this new journey in her homeland, developing targeted training workshops and utilizing Harrison Assessments in helping individuals and teams to reach their full potential in achieving global standards.

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