Western & Chinese Dining Etiquette

“Consideration for others is the basic of a good life, a good society." ~ Confucius



Knowing proper dining etiquette is important in the age of globalised business. This workshop will train you in the fine details of Western and Chinese dining practices to make an impact in any business or social dining scenario.


Workshop Contents

  • Western Dining Etiquette
  • Universal no no’s
  • Western dining do’s and don’ts
  • Wine Selection and Appreciation
  • A Sit-down Western Lunch
  • Chinese Dining Etiquette
  • Chinese dining do’s and don’ts
  • A Sit-down Chinese Lunch
  • Seating Protocol 
  • Role of a host and guests
  • Dining table conversation


1-day workshop


Learning Outcomes

  • To practise seating protocol, playing hosts, playing the guests and western and Chinese style dining

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