Value Propositions

“This workshop has been designed to equip participants with the appropriate techniques in making a presentation and in consultative advisory skills."



This workshop aims is to equip the participants with communication skills to start, nurture, and build relationships with clients with the objective of building trust, leading to secure and manage a client account.

Workshop Contents

  • Establishing Rapport: Get to Know the Customer and adapt to the audience
  • Develop Content and, Prepare the Solution
  • Passionate Delivery
  • The Use of the Presentation Aids
  • The 4- Step Process for Meetings
  • Handling Questions & Objections
  • Negotiation and Closing


2-day or 3-day workshop


Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the nature and scope of customer relationship management, focusing on the value proposition and the role of the sales person
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the customer’s situation in order to determine opportunities and solve problems
  • Communicate the recommended strategies, benefits and risks – through the use of written, verbal, interpersonal, and media related presentation skills/techniques

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