Emotional Intelligence

“No matter how much a man can do, no matter how engaging his personality may be, he will not advance far in business if he cannot work through others.”


Research shows convincingly that EQ is more important than IQ in almost every role and many times more important in leadership roles.

Workshop Content

  • Core Competencies of Emotional Intelligence
  • Daniel Goleman’s Five Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognize the EI Resources Within Our Environment
  • The EI Model for Managing Emotions
  • Know Thyself – Harrison Assessment – Paradox Graph


  • 1 day or 2 day workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an increased range of emotional intelligence and communication skills by using the communication and emotional intelligence action plan
  • Identify a personal action plan based on Harrison’s Paradox graph.
  • Expand your sphere of influence and create a circle of champions.


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